Healing & Relaxing package $159


65 Minute Swedish or Replenishing Facial $59.95


Healing & Relaxing at The Healing Station

Healing & Relaxing package

Pamper Yourself Completely

Begin with an Asian foot treatment. Then a Revitalizing facial including an eyebrow design and finish with a 75 minute Swedish massage. You deserve this!
3 Hours ~ $159

65 Minute Swedish or Replenishing Facial at The Healing Station

65 Minute Facial

65 Minute Swedish or Replenishing Facial

Enjoy a 65 Minute Swedish Massage or a Replenishing Facial. Exceptional facial that exfoliates, stimulates and protects the skin. This stimulating regimen will help keep skin healthy.
65 Minutes ~ $59.95

Waxing Station Services

Waxing Services

Bikini ~ $39
Back ~ $60
Lip & Brow ~ $25
Chin, Brow & Lip ~ $39

Massage (Folsom, CA) – Welcome to the Healing Station

Folsom Alternative Health and Wellness Spa – From Skin and Body Care Treatments to the Relaxing Massage Folsom, CA Residents Choose

Escape to a Place Designed Exclusively for Your Comfort, Health and Rejuvenation

Take refuge from stress in this most relaxing alternative health and wellness spa in Folsom.

A Pure Environment Promotes Healing & Relaxation

If you are sensitive to the noxious gasses that permeate our modern environment, you can relax at The Healing Station with confidence. There is nothing there to harm you. Even if you don’t think you are sensitive, when you enter into our alternative health and wellness spa, your body will feel the difference. We provide a refuge not only from stress, but from the harmful pollutants in the outside environment. We only use natural essential oils and botanicals in our skin care treatments.

Top Products Produce Top Results
Repairing Your Skin Makes You Look Years Younger

The chirally correct all-natural products we use are never artificial and are easily recognized by the skin and body. We use the kind of products for acne and skin care Folsom, CA customers can count on to safely correct their problem areas. Meanwhile, our silky, light mineral-based makeup can make you look younger and healthier with each application.

Our non-traumatic peels renew your complexion and stimulate healthy change. You will see maximum results with minimum downtime. With most of our anti-aging skin care treatments you will be able to return to work the same day. Healing and relaxing facials are customized by our licensed aestheticians according to your skin analysis and type.

Massage in Folsom, CA for Health or Relaxation,

Physical, Energetic and Spiritual Help

For Your Whole Self

If you come to us for a relaxing massage, one of our certified Folsom massage therapists can customize your experience. Would you like Swedish, aromatherapy or warm stone massage? Our staff is specially trained in these and other massage modalities.

If you are coming for your health, our staff of licensed Folsom massage therapists include a Reiki master, a Feng Shui consultant and members with specialized training in reflexology, pregnancy, acupressure, massage for fibromyalgia and cranial-sacral massage. In addition, you will find therapist trained in oncology massage and skin care.

You are an honored guest in our establishment and we will make certain that your visit to our alternative health and wellness spa is as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible.

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