A Massage in Folsom Helps in Relieving Pain Caused by Muscle Knots

Many people experience muscle aches and pains on a regular basis, and some, even daily. They often come as shooting pains in certain body parts, often in the neck, shoulders, and back. One of the most common culprits behind these pains is stress from physical activity, such as an intense workout routine, or from holding one position for long periods of time.

What Even Is A Muscle Knot

What are Muscle Knots?

According to an article in Refinery29.com, prolonged muscle discomfort in specific areas of the body could be due to the formation of muscle knots. The cause of muscle knots has not yet been fully determined, but experts say they could be the result of the contraction of muscle fibers, in reaction to a buildup of calcium in certain parts of the body. Muscle knots form when a muscle is injured from repetitive motions.

This inflammation causes targeted swelling, soreness, weakness, and (of course) pain when you touch the affected trigger zones. So, while the fibers aren’t tied up in an actual knot, it can certainly feel like it.

The article further states that muscle knots are more prevalent on people who suffer from depression, fatigue, anxiety, and similar conditions. When confronted with such stresses, these people resort to contracting their muscles more often than others.


Some ways to combat the formation of muscle knots is to avoid doing strenuous activities without rest, avoid staying in one position for long periods of time, engage in stress reducing activities and maintain good posture. Folsom residents experiencing back, neck or shoulder discomfort should schedule a massage from Folsom professionals like Connie Chan to get relief.

Massage therapists are well versed in various techniques that target specific areas of the body, from the traditional Swedish and Shiatsu massages, to one designed to address fibromyalgia. Expert therapist Connie Chan may even customize massages to suit their client’s specific needs and preferences.

Apart from helping clients relax and de-stress, getting a massage in Folsom, CA from a wellness center like The Healing Station, can stretch out muscles that might have contracted and formed into a ‘muscle knot’, thus reducing muscle inflammation. A massage from an expert therapist offers many benefits that go beyond mere relaxation.

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