A new/old location and a new peel season combine to make a heavenly facial

There is nothing like closing out the year with an elegant newer, more spacious location within the Aqua Salon Spa. A little sweat equity with help from family members resulted in a beautiful new space closer to the entry door of the salon and actually WITHIN the spa area itself — where I used to be at one time, but in a much smaller space. Enter the spa access and head straight back to my new double-wide treatment room.

I not only have more room to move; I also have shiny new displays of my Lira line, a better sound system, a sink right inside, and room for my steam machine. Color me thrilled.

And as the holidays approach and the sun’s intensity fades, it’s peel time again. Talk to me about the kinds of peels you love or just try a new treatment — like the Snowy Pumpkin Hydrating Treatment. Our jack-‘o-lantern friend has skills beyond being hollowed out or becoming a pie. Pumpkin has vitamins that restore elasticity and rebuild collagen.

This seasonal favorite of pumpkin enzyme and refining retinol create a rich exfoliation targeting sun damage and rejuvenating skin with luxurious hydration. Topical probiotics protect skin’s microbiome while preventing future environmental damage.  You’ll get plumped skin resulting from the use of professionally pure hyaluronic acid.

But don’t wait to do this treatment or any other, as they need some down time afterward. I recommend you schedule at least 7 days before a special event for any peel or hydrating treatment so that your skin can soak in all the goodness, repair itself, and help you glow just in time for that party. Give us a call at (916) 294-9980 to discuss your skin needs NOW — before those parties and family gatherings are in full swing!


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