Acne and Skin Care Clinic in Folsom, CA on Causes and Managing Acne

Having acne or pimples is a common source of distress among men and women. Brown University’s findings in a study they conducted showed that around 17 million adults in the United States are bound to have acne for a time in their lives. This skin condition generally affects a third of people ages 11 to 30 years.

Known as acne vulgaris in the medical field, acne is a skin infection characterized by the appearance of red spots on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back. Generally harmless to the overall physical health, various forms of acne begin to emerge from puberty due to the stimulation of the oil (sebaceous) glands. Pimples, blackheads, and other blotches will continue to come out in some parts of adulthood, particularly when stressed, during humid weather, and at the onset of the menstrual cycle for women.

The oil glands are responsible for removing dead skin cells via the follicles into the pores on the surface of the skin. When the follicles get blocked, the oil or sebum produced by the glands will accumulate with the dead skin cells and will form a plug. With bacteria and swelling, the blockage will disintegrate until pimple develops.

Without proper skin care, pimples can easily leave scars. To prevent further damage, most people undergo treatments from acne and skin care clinic in Folsom, CA like The Healing Station. Most skin care and wellness spas today use natural products on their procedures to prevent any chemical or synthetic ingredients from further harming the skin.

Acne also has negative physiological consequences on the daily lives of people who suffer from it. Based from ancient Chinese studies, pimples in the cheeks indicate respiratory allergies, while forehead pimples are possible signs of digestive problems or stress. Furthermore, having spots between the eyebrows are mostly caused by too much toxins from junk foods intake or alcohol consumption.

Besides the help of skin specialists, it is important to practice good hygiene for proper skin care in Folsom, CA, like using gentle products and a soft microfiber cloth. Scraping, rubbing, or squeezing the pimple will only worsen and spread the condition, so it’s best to just leave it in the hands of professionals, and keep yours off the infected areas.

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