Basic Skin Care Tips can Help in Dealing with Major Acne Problems

Acne can be a huge cause of concern and have a negative effect on one’s self-esteem. While the usual puberty-caused acne and pimple breakouts eventually fade away for most people, there are some who, unfortunately, still deal with acne into their adulthood. It doesn’t have to be a hopeless case, though, as there are effective solutions now readily available for treating acne.


It’s best to consult with a trusted acne and skin care clinic in Folsom, CA, but in addition to that below are some simple tips to help. These will surely make a difference in preventing your acne from getting worse.

Ease Up on Exfoliating

Your facial skin is pretty sensitive and keeping it clean is important but you want to avoid over scrubbing. Also, while exfoliation is generally good for the skin, you should avoid doing this when you have an acne breakout. You could injure yourself and cause scabbing and even scarring.

Keep Your Hands Away

Stop touching those pimples! Clean as you think your hands are, they usually have dirt and bacteria from items you’ve touched. These can easily transfer from your hands to your already vulnerable facial skin. An acne breakout is not only caused by hormones, but can also be caused by bacteria from your immediate environment. Don’t aggravate the situation even more. Tempting as it may seem, you shouldn’t pop them either.

Keep Your Hair Away

If you have long hair, tie it at the back or wear a hairband. Again, the point here is to keep your face free from any possible carriers of germs and bacteria. Your hair can be a conductor of dust and grime. These can land on your face, block the pores and make your acne situation worse.

Perhaps the most important tip you can get is for you to consult with a professional. There are experts in Skin care in Folsom, CA that can find solutions to fit your skincare needs. Don’t be a victim, solve your acne problem the best and most effective way you can.

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