Between Facials? A Little Common Sense Goes a Long Way…

When my facial clients slowly raise themselves off my treatment table after a facial and feel the difference in their skin, I am often asked how they can keep it looking so good in between appointments. 

The answer is easy. Work with me on this. And “listen” to your skin.

How do you do this? It’s like trusting your intuition. Annoying as that advice is, it makes your skin-care routine incredibly easy, and it might just give you the best skin of your life.

Once you learn how to read the signs, it’s a matter of giving your skin what it needs, which also makes taking care of it easier and a bit more fun.  I carry Lira, a line of dermatologically correct products that can help, but in the end it’s mostly about the basics — washing your face at night, putting on sunscreen and night cream, and developing a religious fervor for eye cream. Once you’ve got that down, the rest is simply dealing with stuff that might come up.

Listening to the needs of your skin is extremely simple and will save you loads of money, time, and stress if you know how to read the signs. First, there’s morning face. Is it icky? Add toner Bio Hydra Infusion to a cotton ball and apply it over damp skin. The toner resets the pH balance, and the moisture is a way to double down on hydration for a glowing complexion. After cleansing, gently massage the toner in after spray it directly on your face.

If your face feels uncomfortably tight right after cleansing, it either means your cleanser is too harsh or you’re scrubbing your face too hard. A gentle product like Mystiq Illuminating Cleanser (which is also good for treating pigmentation and sun damage) will get the job done without stripping while taking your rubbing back down a notch.

Did you know your skin is never supposed to squeak? If it does, you’ve taken your cleansing routine too far. Moisturize, particularly with a bit of SPF before the sun goes down.

Under-eye baggage (the kind that does not fit in an overhead compartment) is a sure sign that you need to up your eye-cream game and/or get more sleep, add a better pillow to your bed strategy, and slow down on alcohol and sodium.

As for dry morning skin, bulk up the night cream. Morning dullness means your night cream isn’t tough enough for the job. Try Dry Skin Bio Caviar Cream day or night. Or be sure what you use contains retinoids to help boost cell turnover so you can wake up fresh-faced. Pro Retinol Cream can be used, but at night only.

A field of zits and irritation is a true sign to take a break. Either go bare-faced with concealer on any imperfections, and/or use a tinted SPF or moisturizer to provide light coverage so your skin can get some air. If you get the same zit in the same place repeatedly, change your habits. Clean your phone daily, wash your hands before you touch your face, and change your pillowcase more often. And lighten up on white flour and white sugar. You should see a difference.

Lastly, if you can run your nail over your skin and come up with gunk, it’s time to exfoliate. Think  Ice Refining mask for oily skin or Mystiq Iluminating Polisher for pigmentation. Once a week use a gentle home peel or scrub to remove dead skin, followed by all your usual serums and hydration creams.

Don’t see the answer here? Give me a call at 916.294.9980 and I’ll try to lead you to the right solutions. In the meantime, happy summer! 


Beautifully yours,


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