Body Wax Treatment

Enjoy a Body Wax Treatment along with a Relaxing Massage at a Spa

If you are looking for a massage in Folsom, why not try a body wax treatment at the same time? The need for constant hair maintenance can be exhausting. Who has time to shave, tweeze and curb hair growth on a daily basis?

Body Wax Treatment

To ensure that your hair treatment needs are done right, visit a spa and get a body wax treatment.

What are the Different Methods of Hair Removal?

Shaving is the most common and well-known method for hair removal. Using a razor blade or electric razor, a thin blade, slicing very closely to the surface of the skin, severs existing hair as closely to the skin as possible. While shaving is immensely common, it can cause skin irritation and other problems.

Chemical depilatories, like GiGi and Nair, also remove hair. This method, like shaving, can also lead to irritation – what touches the hair cells also often touches the skin.

Waxing, is also now a widely used method. This entails placing melted wax on your skin and then pulling the wax away along with the hair.

Is Waxing Painful?

One of the biggest fears people harbor toward waxing is the potential for pain. While the treatment is not altogether painless a professional can do this with little discomfort. Some preparatory measures can be used to significantly reduce any pain.

One is make sure you’re hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water in the days before you get the waxing done. Hydration shouldn’t stop at drinking water – moisturize the part of the body being waxed consistently, as it will help the hairs slide out more easily. Finally, inquire about the type of wax being used to verify that it is right for your skin.

Hard Wax vs Soft Wax (and Sugar Wax!)

Wax treatment breaks down into three categories: hard wax, soft wax, and sugar wax. Hard wax cools on the hair, which is then pulled off after fully hardening. This method can be more effective for highly sensitive areas.

Soft wax goes on warm, and quickly after application the professional will remove the non-woven strip. Soft wax treatment works particularly well for covering large areas, but should not be used for sensitive spots.

Finally, the sugar wax is very similar to the hard wax in the treatment process. The benefits of sugaring include less risk of burning or irritating skin, easier cleanup, and less stickiness to the skin as compared to some waxes.

You can make your spa visit in Folsom for a massage more productive if you try out a body wax treatment too. Get ready for summer now and book your massage and body wax appointment today by contacting us today at and selecting the Schedule Online link. Or you can reach us by phone at 916-294-9980.

We offer a wide variety of professional massage and waxing services.

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