Exhilarate Your Skin with a Very Special Facial

There are few more rewarding, renewing, and relaxing facials we offer than the 75-minute Lira Exhilarate Hydrating/Restoring Treatment. Whether your skin is dry, needs special attention or you simply want a special facial that addresses all your skin needs at once, this is the facial to try.

It begins with the cleanse, using Lira’s MYSTIQ iLuminating Cleanser, which removes any dirt, foundation or eye makeup. This is followed by a second cleanse using the BIO Enzyme Cleanser, applied with a special sponge.

Now it’s time to detox, with the application of the ICE Refining Masque, which works on your skin’s remaining impurities for a full ten minutes. IOnce it has done its magic tightening your skin, I top that off with the MYSTIQ Lifting Masque, massaging it into the skin and allowing it to sit for another 15 full minutes. It’s during this time I address your arms and hands, giving them a very special massage and hydration.

We are now all set to remove the products with a warm towel and cleaning sponges, and your skin is ready for a full exfoliation. I apply Vita Brite to your skin with a fan brush, allowing it to rest another few minutes. Then I apply a 1/2 dropper of Pure Hyaluronic onto your skin. Your skin may tingle, but I ask that you keep me informed of any hyper-sensitivity at this time. Once things have calmed down, I remove it with cool water.

Your skin is now ready for the big treat! I massage 4 drops of BIO Hydra C Serum into your skin, followed by a pump of BIO Hydra Infusion, working it carefully into every millimeter of your face. My clients tell me that by now their skin is feeling like a newborn baby’s. But we can’t forget those peepers! I also massage MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Creme into your eye area. And I add BB Lip Balm or BIO Lip Factor to the equation.  

Don’t forget that it’s ALWAYS the season to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun! So my final step is applying the SPF Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint or BB Creme color of choice in a pat-and-roll technique over your entire face.

To learn more about this facial, give me a call at (916) 294-9980 and let’s set up a time to try it out on you! I guarantee you’ll float off my treatment table….


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