Facials: The Ultimate De-Stressor!

Anyone who has had the pleasure of receiving a professional facial of any kind can tell you. It’s not just the cushy table you lie down on; it’s not just the lush, exotic aromas you inhale as the esthetician cleans, hydrates and pampers your skin as you bask beneath soothing eye patches; it’s not even the warm table, the low lights, the hot towels or even the facial massage that make you sigh every time. It’s ALL of it.

Apart from a head-to-to massage, a facial is one of the most stress-relieving services you can opt for – something like a vacation you just don’t want to come home from. While facials have a variety of benefits for the skin on the face, there are a number of health benefits they serve up as well – like improving the immune system, aiding in detoxification, reducing fluid build up in the body – all contributing to stress relief. Skin health is, after all, a direct reflection of internal wellbeing.

Most facials involve some massage, aiding in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage while relaxing facial muscles – muscles which, when left to their own devices, that contribute to the onset of wrinkles. Facials also aid in puffiness reduction, sagging skin and give your cells an infusion of skin cell renewal. They can clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and remove dead surface cells.

Here at The Healing Station, I evaluate the condition of your skin and customize the treatment, recommending the best facial for you. The results? The clean, bright complexion you’ve always wanted.

Facials include all or some of the following: cleaning, massage, hot towels, extractions, peels, the application of a facemask and other products. The entire experience leaves your skin (your body’s largest organ) cleaner, softer, younger-feeling, and truly transformed. Hand and stone facials enable you to experience a dramatic difference in the quality and texture of your skin after just one visit.

“I float home every time I get one of Connie Chan’s signature facials,” says Dena Kouremetis, a regular patron. “Connie even emails or calls me to remind me that it’s time for a facial – just when I realize just how stressed I have been over work and the routine problems of daily life. A regular facial is the gift I give myself for doing all that I do for my clients as well as the people I love.”


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