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Folsom Massage Therapist Shows You How to Enjoy a Massage’s Perks

Folsom, CA locals who regularly visit the spa are no stranger to the many health benefits of massage therapy. Besides making the body feel good after a stressful workday, studies show that some types of massage can improve the body’s immune system by increasing white blood cells which are responsible for fighting bacteria to prevent infection. Studies also show that some types of massage can help in managing inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Back Massage

Hearing about these benefits might push you to visit your spa; however, a massage session will not help in relieving pain and stresses unless you have the right attitude and know the correct and required pre- and post-massage practices. In an article for, the author discusses common practices which must be observed before, during, and after a massage that can help a person experience the benefits.

Getting naked during a massage therapy is among the practices that the author and therapists alike recommend. A lot of people don’t feel confident and comfortable stripping down, but this only limits the therapist’s access to important muscles. If you want to fully enjoy the health benefits of massage, strip down completely. Professional therapists follow a certain etiquette while performing therapy. Besides, it is common practice in spas to have the client covered with a sheet or towel throughout the session.

Deep breathing during the massage and replenishing your body with plenty of water afterwards are also crucial. Breathing supplies the bloodstream with sufficient oxygen that the muscles need, while drinking rehydrates the muscles and washes away accumulated toxins. The simplest rule on determining the amount of water to drink is to divide your weight in two, and the resulting number is the ounces of water you need to take in.

Another spa etiquette that both you and the therapist should follow is turning turn off phones. This is actually for your own good. If you keep texting or answering emails while you’re getting a massage, you will not be able to relax—and you’re missing the whole point of the therapy! Answering calls is also not a good idea, as it will disturb the person next to you in the spa, or worse, distract your own Folsom massage therapist.

So the next time you are scheduled for another Folsom, CA massage session in relaxing wellness clinics like The Healing Station, come prepared so that your mind and body can enjoy the whole experience.

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