Folsom Massage Therapy: Relaxing Stressed Muscles for Physical Health

It has become increasingly difficult to relax in these fast-paced times. Without sufficient rest, the physical body breaks down and often suffers from minor aches like lower back pain and headaches. As your body weakens, various health problems arise such as insomnia, anxiety, and soft tissue strains.

Many individuals seek help from massage therapists to restore their body’s normal functions, using different techniques of touch manipulation in wellness spas like The Healing Station. An age-old method of healing, various forms of massage therapy generally ease stressed muscles, regulate the circulation of nutrients, and eliminate toxins from the body.  Regular sessions of Folsom massage therapy may also enhance the mind’s ability to concentrate and improve sleep quality for more productive work during the day.

The experience of a relaxed body and mind is no longer considered a luxury as even some healthcare centers and major companies have competent practitioners on their premises to deliver quality massage services. This alternative treatment may be done in various forms, with three of the most well-known explained below:


The use of essential oils often characterizes an aromatherapy session. This particular type of massage is most suitable for stress management and stabilizing emotions. The massage therapist will be the one to select the plant oils, otherwise known as essential oils, which are both soothing and strengthening.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on treating the areas deep within the muscles and the connective tissues, and is commonly administered for injury recovery and posture problems. Milder strokes are applied in this procedure, which may cause soreness for at least two days.

Swedish Therapy

The Swedish therapy is the most sought-after massage type in the United States, normally done in the whole body with long gentle movements. With therapeutic oil, the massage therapist will press or knead different areas to alleviate unnecessary muscle tensions.

No matter which treatment you prefer for your massage in Folsom, CA, the benefits carry on well beyond your session.

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