It’s Never Too Early to Start Getting Pre-wedding Facials

It’s interesting to me how some of my clients think of facials as something they should have done a few days before a special event — like having a mani-pedi, or getting a spray tan. No single type of client concerns me more where this is concerned, however, than brides.

Let’s face it: wedding photos are forever, but there’s only so much that Photoshopping that can be done do when it comes to your skin. That’s why creating a pre-wedding skin care plan is so important. Instead of thinking of it as a quick fix a few weeks before that special day, think of it as a “bridal bootcamp” for your face.

Six months before the wedding, and you’ve probably got your dress ordered, cake chosen, bridesmaids notified and the reception site pinned down. But what about the “sight” that everyone will be looking at most? It’s your face!. Besides, it’s never recommended that you do anything one week away that you haven’t tried six months out, including trial makeup applications and hair styles. Why would you chance getting a rash or experiencing a peel without knowing how it would affect you on the day itself? Six months is plenty of time to do something about dark spots on your complexion, offering you a brighter face on your wedding day.

All the makeup in the world can’t cover skin with an uneven skin texture usually caused by dead skin that builds up everywhere on your body. It’s never too early to begin getting peels or regular microdermabrasion treatments to help create a smooth canvas for your wedding makeup.

A month out from the wedding is not the time to start anything new, because it takes much longer than that to see the results of the creams, treatments or the cleansing routine you just implemented. Now is the time to stick to what you know your skin can tolerate. The month of the wedding should not have you experiencing anything but the gentlest peels and procedures. Gentle chemical exfoliation with a peel refines pores and texture without the poking, prodding and squeezing that a full-blown facial can inflict, and with a peel there are fewer added ingredients that can provoke an allergic reaction.

Stay hydrated by eating food with a high water content (like salads) and drinking plenty of fluids a week out from your wedding. Focus on keeping your skin toned and moisturized, especially at a time when both excitement and stress levels may be off the charts, making you more prone to a breakout (remember the huge wedding morning zit the bride developed in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)

Step away from the harsh scrubs at this point. Instead, remove dead, dull skin with a moisturizer that contains gentle chemical exfoliants, such as lactic or glycolic acid.

To discuss a regimen of pre-wedding visits as well as a tried-and-true home skin care routine, give me a call to discuss your questions and concerns. Of all the clients I value most, brides have to rank near the top, since I feel great knowing I helped make them glow on their wedding day!


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