Light Touch Massage Helps Your Body’s Systems Operate More Freely

As many of you know, I am a light massage expert. Since “deep tissue massage” is a much more familiar term, however, I thought I would explain the differences as well as why light touch massage has become so popular lately.

Light touch massage is a bodywork technique that incorporates elements of a number of other therapies, including lymph drainage, cranio-sacral, and can also be used on individuals (especially seniors) who may be uncomfortable disrobing.

Research tells us that the very use of therapeutic touch can support the body’s own healing mechanisms, reducing pain, bringing on relaxation and helping your body’s systems circulate more freely, releasing blocked energy within the body. Light touch massage works with your energy pathways the same way acupuncture does, but without the use of needles. Light touch therapy can also be done with clothing on (no undressing). In addition, other modalities I am adept at and trained in are Reiki and ortho-bionomy.

While I use no massage cream or oil, I incorporate aromatherapy, gentle stretching, and myofascial release as I work various parts of your body.  Benefits include the promotion of relaxation and aid in stress relief. Light touch is also ideal for those with fibromyalgia and for women in their final stages of pregnancy. It promotes feel-good endorphins and helps your body heal — even those recovering from trauma or severe injury benefit from this non-threatening type of massage.

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