Lira adds fabulous new facial regimen!

Here at the Healing Station, we are all about next gen skin care. And now Lira has come out with its latest and greatest facial protocol called the Renew Clarifying Acne/Oily Treatment. 

This new treatment achieves the perfect circle of skin health through clarifying salicylic acid, brightening your skin with a special ingredient (Masq-tech(™) and refining retinol. Topical probiotics balance your skin microbiome, helping to combat assaults by the environment. And an anti-inflammatory thyme extract helps with the antimicrobial benefits to precent future breakouts, calming red, irritated skin.

The treatment protocol includes cleansing with Lira’s BIO Enzyme cleanser, followed by a second cleansing using sponges and towels. Next, we detox using the ICE Refining Masque, allowing it to dry for a while to pull impurities out of your skin’s upper layer. Then — surprise! Your skin is generously spritzed with pH solution, after which I massage it until a creamy mixture forms. Then a warm towel removes it.

Now you’re ready to exfoliate. we use Lira’s PRO C4 Retinol Serum, massage it into the skin and let it sit for a bit. To that we add Pumpkin Plus. Once that sits for 1-3 minutes, a cool barber towel removes all the products.  Take heart, though — masking is next. Using upward strokes, I apply a thin layer of MYSTIQ Lifting Masque and allow to stay on for up to 15 minutes, or until it’s dry. Stay quiet during this treatment, because your skin will be tight!  

After removing the masque, I do a series of treatments that include spray, serum, hydra infusion, eye and lip treatments, and end with SPF Solar Shield Oil-Free with a pat-and-roll technique for the ultimate in sun protection. By now you are relaxed, feeling pampered, and your skin is dewy to the touch.

For more information on whether this exciting new facial is for you, call me at (916) 294-9980.  I literally can’t wait to lavish you with all these wonderful products that combine to make your skin feel and look its best! 

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