Making Massage Part of Your Exercise Regimen

male shoulderAs winter finally shows its teeth here in northern California, apart from skiers sports enthusiasts and athletes turn their attention indoors – to their gyms, elliptical machines, yoga mats, free weights, and medicine balls.  But staying in shape means taking care of your body during the dark months as well as the bright ones, so doing “bodywork” should include scheduling massage as a regular part of your routine.

Preparing your body for spring and summer is akin to tuning up a car, and it seems many of us repeatedly overwork the same muscle groups during this time of year because of a lessened variety of exercise types.  We recommend massage either before or after a ski trip or rigorous week at the gym, since massage can warm up the body and release the toxins that have the potential to cause pain, either preparing your muscles and tendons for what’s ahead or helping them recover from the trauma they have experienced.

An illustration:  A young man goes to his massage therapist for a sore shoulder – one that had been bothering him for some time and for which he turned to his doctor for relief.  He was told to visit a massage therapist who performs “deep work” massage for issues of this nature to specifically help alleviate the pain he felt when he exercised. With gentle manipulation, knowing where the lymphatic avenues existed to rid the affected area of painful toxin build-ups, the massage therapist is able to palpate the area of the shoulder that was causing the problem.

Deep tissue massage stimulates circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids by focusing on specific areas of the body, geared to releasing knotted muscles to increase range of motion.

Sure, we offer massage for relaxation, pleasure, and relief and you don’t have to be an athlete to come to us.  But if massage is what is recommended for athletes and marathon runners as part of their regular health regimen, just think how valuable it can be to those of us who are not as physically active – stimulating areas that remain unmoved and tightened by days sitting at a desk, driving in a car, or hauling kids around the house.  Bottom line: regular massage is good for all of us.  To book your heavenly session, call The Healing Station at 916-294-9980.

Chan a certified Massage therapist and specialist in skin care in Folsom, CA offers specialized treatments at The Healing Station, located at 101 Parkshore Drive, Suite 100.

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