Massage has the Power to Heal, and It’s Been Proven Time and Again

Massage is a powerful and enjoyable experience that has proven health and therapeutic benefits. Whether a person is looking for something to help with rest and relaxation or if there is an actual medical need, a Folsom massage session can benefit just about everyone. When massage is used to help treat specific medical conditions, it is often called massage therapy to differentiate it from regular massage.


Massage for rest and relaxation

It is easy to go around carrying incredible stress-related tension without realizing it. This tension tightens muscles and puts the body in a constant state of slight anxiety. If muscles are constantly tight and engaged, they wear out and become sore and stiff. Massage, whether it is considered therapeutic or not, works on the body in a variety of ways. Most important of all, it helps decrease stress by relaxing muscles and allowing the body to release built-up tension.

Massage for recovery

In terms of muscle recovery after injury or intense exercise, the effects of massage are rather incredible. Recent studies have shown that massage aids muscle recovery by suppressing inflammation and promoting healing. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury, but it also causes pain. Unlike nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and pain relievers, which suppress inflammation but may also negatively impact healing and recovery, massage both reduces inflammation and promotes healing while doing away with such negative effects.

Touch has been shown to relieve anxiety. One study showed that a person enduring pain, such as a mild electrical shock, relaxed far more quickly when able to hold the hand of a family member. Even the offered hand of a stranger was comforting. The same beneficial effects can be delivered, perhaps even more successfully, by massage professionals.
There are no known negative side effects of massage, unlike basically all medications. This makes massage in Folsom such as those provided by The Healing Station stand out as a powerful and natural healing therapy that provides only benefits to the body and mind. Book your massage today by Scheduling Online at the top of our website,, or call us at 916-294-9980.


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