post workout muscle recovery

Massage Therapy can Aid Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Many people may think of a massage as strictly a form of relaxation or an occasional treat for oneself but it can also be a powerful complement to any workout, especially strenuous ones.

The health benefits of exercise are many and undisputed. Following a healthy regimen, however, may result in some wear and tear on your muscles. Getting a massage in Folsom can alleviate soreness and stiffness. It also helps prevent injuries and enhances healing, enabling you to push your body harder with every workout.

post workout muscle recovery

What Happens During Exercise

From serious athletes to casual gym goers, pain is part and parcel of a strenuous workout. Unfortunately, muscles that have been heavily exercised lose their capacity to relax. This can cause chronic tightness to the muscles, and eventually, loss of flexibility.

These conditions predispose you to potential injuries such as pulled and torn muscles. In addition, tight muscles become painful due to restricted blood flow.

How a Post-Workout Massage Can Help

A recent study found that massage therapy after exercise helps reduce inflammation. It also boosted the amounts of a particular protein which helps cells recover. In turn, this encourages the creation of new mitochondria that are vital for adaptation to endurance exercise and muscle energy regeneration.

Furthermore, massage can also reduce pain, enhance muscle flexibility, and lead the way to faster recovery times. In fact, just 10 minutes of deep-tissue massage can greatly reduce exercise-related inflammation and soreness.

Other Advantages of Massage Therapy

Aside from these advantages, massage therapy offer even more benefits. It helps your body enter a relaxing-rest mode, and the effects stay even after the session is over. It’s also effective in managing stress, since even one massage session can lower your body’s insulin, cortisol, and heart rate levels. Furthermore, it promotes easier and deeper breathing which can decrease symptoms of anxiety, train the body to relax, and relieve respiratory issues.

Experiencing debilitating headaches? Massage therapy can ease the pain and the pressure, and this can reduce the frequency of your headaches. Finally, it can strengthen one’s immune system and help with post-operative rehabilitation.

From extreme workouts to simple de-stressing, massage therapy offers a host of positive benefits. To make sure you get exactly the treatment you need for your situation, feel free to visit a Folsom massage specialist at The Healing Station to learn more. You can reach them on the phone at 916-294-9980 or visit the Schedule Online link on their website at today.

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