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Prenatal Massage Helps Future Moms’ Keep Bodies Healthy and Relaxed

Pregnancy exerts an incredible stress on the body. Its discomforts include a stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and backaches, all because the additional weight of the baby pressures these muscles and inflames the nerves. This is why pregnant women need some time to relax and find respite from all the physical and even emotional stress inherent to carrying a baby. One way to do this is to receive a prenatal massage in Folsom.

This therapy can range from a full body Swedish massage to a light massage that can include reflexology, circulatory work, or cranial sacral therapy. As long as you’re not experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, prenatal massage is safe and beneficial.

prenatal massage

Relief from Symptoms

Prenatal massage aims to ease the symptoms caused by pregnancy. For instance, a massage on the head, neck, and shoulders can alleviate headaches by relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points. A massage can also improve blood flow to tensed muscles by relaxing them, while also increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid that rids the body of toxins and metabolic waste.

Moreover, a prenatal massage can enhance deep sleep by helping release endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. This helps relax the body and the mind, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep, which is good for you and the baby.

Healthy Delivery

Because prenatal massage affects the level of hormones, it is linked to fewer birth complications. Women receiving massages twice a week for five weeks are found to have lower levels of norepinephrine and cortisol, which are connected to stress. Their dopamine and serotonin levels, on the other hand, are higher after a massage. This means that they are less likely to experience depression. All these may help in the healthy delivery of the baby by reducing the risk of birth complications.

These are only some of the benefits of prenatal massage in Folsom, CA, and they’re enough reasons for you to try it.  However, make sure to consult your gynecologist before doing so, because prenatal massage isn’t recommended for high-risk pregnancies. Your doctor can assess your overall condition and the baby’s health before giving you the green light. Also, only go to professionals who are trained and certified to perform prenatal massage, because this procedure requires a certain set of skills and knowledge.


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