Protecting Your Face From Summer’s Heat

“Summer time. And the livin’ is easy.” Or should I argue the case that the lyrics to that famous song fail to tell the whole story? Every season carries with it both joys and dreads, and summer is no different, especially here, where the heat is the rule instead of the exception to it.

I am often asked how I advise my clients on how, even if they can’t beat the heat, they can at least learn to live with it where their skin is concerned.  Whatever humidity you experience adds to the oil secretion that is produced by sebaceous glands which easily clogs up your pores. That can lead to breakouts, sunburns, excessive sweating, and rashes. Ahhh — the gifts of summer. So, how can you cool down your skin so that it can be ready to brave the heat? 

First, cleanse your skin – because the formation of grease is pretty unapologetic in times of summer. I recommend using Lira’s Bio Enzyme Cleanser with PSC  (plant stem cells). It’s a gentle cleanser with plant stem cells to remove make up and surface debris, is alcohol-free, and can be used every morning before you step out and once you reach home to remove grime, blackheads and unclog your pores.

Next, keep a mist handy. Lira’s Bio Hydrating Mineral Mist with PSC is a lightweight hydrating facial spray that is both pH balanced and calming, adding a cooling touch to your skin while soothing skin that’s exposed to the sun.

There is something else you can use that does not come in product form — ice! There’s no such thing as too much ice, whether you drink liters of chilled water every day or simply massage your face with ice cubes, your skin will love both. Ice cubes or cool cloths are known to aid in de-puffing your skin, soothing rashes, fighting signs of aging, and reducing dark circles.

Face masks that exfoliate are your friends — like Lira’s Ice Refining Masque with PSC (plant stem cells). It contains purifying charcoal and clay that aids in removing skin impurities and replaces hydration. Unlike homemade masks, this product or any thick scrubs you buy at your local CVS or Walgreen’s won’t leave your skin with multiple tears. Whether you wish to treat acne, boost your skin’s glow, combat signs of aging, or add moisture to your skin, you can’t lose if masking becomes a habit. Cucumber slices can also help with dark circles.

Antioxidants are a win-win as well. You can get vitamins on board eating fruits and veggies, but adding the step of serum in your skincare routine can also do your skin a world of good. I recommend Lira’s Bio Hydra C Serum with PSC  Hydrating, a universal antioxidant serum for repairing and restoring skin. This helps to boost collagen.

And lastly, you can never hydrate too much during the summer months, which last well into October here in CA. While this step is something you should follow all year round, a gel-based moisturizer is your best bet during sweaty days. I like Lira’s Bio Hydra Infusion with PSC Mega hydrating and wound healing serum. It contains Hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant. 

And don’t forget to follow up with sunscreen. Drink fruit juices, ample water, and paper your skin with hydrating face sheet masks to help your skin look healthy from inside out.

Get cool and stay cool this summer. And as far as your face is concerned, I rest my case.

Beautifully yours,

Connie Chan


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