Regular Facials Slow the Appearance of Aging

Here is one of those little-known pieces of trivia to enlighten your day: when you’re a child, your skin “turns over” (old skin flakes off and is replaced by new skin) about every 7 days. When you’re 30? It takes about a month. By the time you turn 60, however, that time frame is doubled.

Okay, so we ALL have aging skin. But how can we speed this turnover process up? Here at the Healing Station we have that answer: regular (monthly) exfoliations, moisturizing facials, microdermabrasion treatments and peels.

Lines begin to appear around our eyes, mouth and neckline before we can say “empty nester.”   And if you’re anything like me, you’d rather delay those lines getting any deeper. That’s what regular facials do. They help you turn back the clock to achieve smoother, softer, more evenly-toned skin. Here are some of the amazing benefits of scheduling your facials like clockwork:

Deep Cleansing: A good facial means thoroughly cleansed pores, getting that deeply-imbedded oil. Extraction, done regularly, carefully and hygienically helps you avoid scarring and additional breakouts. We use steam to open the pores and a special tool to unclog pores under a bright light with a magnifying glass Regular extractions enables you to maintain clear skin and reduce pore size.

Skin Renewal: As I mentioned above, a facial gives your skin a chance to renew itself more quickly. A monthly facial and skin care products designed to maintain that dewy look and feel can help you maintain healthier, younger-looking skin.

Smooth out uneven skin tone: Acne or chickenpox scars can lessen and even disappear with regular microdermabrasion treatments. One method is done more gently, with a diamond-tip instrument to slough or scrub away the outer layers of skin and another is a bit more aggressive, using a delicate spray of crystals to “sand” the skin. If your dark spots are age-related or due to sun exposure, regular facials can fade them to even out your skin tone (but I’ll still wag my finger at you to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreens and sunblocks whenever possible!).

Masks calm, decongest and hydrate: Nourishing masks are vital to maintaining a youthful glow. I often use masks (sometimes more than one) during your treatment, but even if you can’t come in once a month, I encourage you to go home with one of the mask treatments I offer and apply them at a minimum of once a month.

Regular facials as a way of de-stressing: Spending an hour or 90 minutes away from the routine of your day in a relaxing and peaceful environment can do wonders for your stress levels. You’ll come home to your family rejuvenated, restores and feeling more balance than you ever thought possible.

Advice you can use: monthly facials help me assess your skin issues before they get worse. You may be experiencing allergic reactions or irritations I can identify not just through observation, but also by getting answers to those important questions I ask before I begin treating you. Changes in moles or scars are also more readily noticed when I see you regularly. It’s not uncommon for me to send my clients off to a dermatologist or skin clinic to get something checked out that I noticed on my treatment table.

Bottom line: Regular facials can make your skin more resilient, smoother and more radiant, diminishing age spots and fine lines, aiding in collagen production and revving up skin cell turnover. With regular exfoliation and penetration with skin nutrients, you can look younger and your skin will definitely thank you!

For more information on how I can customize a treatment plan for you and for package information, contact me at (916) 294-9980. I am here for all your skin care questions!



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