The Healing Magic of Massage: Surprising Benefits You Weren’t Aware Of

A massage is a great way to relax and treat sore, aching muscles, but if you think that’s all it has to offer, you’d be wrong. It has other health benefits as well, some of which are quite surprising. The next time you’re debating whether or not it’s time to schedule a session with a Folsom, CA massage specialist, consider all of these unique benefits that massage offers. When you do, you’ll see that it’s always a good time for one.

Counteract Your Desk Job

Spending too much time in a sitting position can cause pain and tension in your gluteal muscles, neck, shoulders and lower back. When done with this in mind, massage therapy can actually counteract the effects of prolonged sittings. Regular massages will help you keep your day job and your muscle health. Massage also helps muscles recover faster after a workout.

Better Sleep

Studies have noted a positive association between massage therapy and the delta waves responsible for sleep. Those who get regular massages tend to sleep better and the massages themselves may be part of the reason. Of course, massage also reduces stress and anxiety, so better sleep may be the result of both the mental and physical effects of treatment.

Increased Immunity

A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2010 noted that massage increases a person’s white blood cell count. White blood cells are the ones that fight disease in the body, and an increase in their numbers boosts a person’s immunity to disease and illness. HIV positive patients have also shown improvement with massage therapy.

Increased Alertness

Studies have shown that regular massages help you to be more alert, aware and focused.

Maintain Your Youthful Glow

Facial massage plumps up sagging skin and promoted the drainage of lymph away from the skin, which carries toxins away with it. The removal of toxins from the cells creates more room for the nutrients they need, resulting in younger, healthier looking skin without plastic surgery or facial injections.

Quality Massage in Folsom

Regular sessions with massage therapists at trusted locations like The Healing Station can help you receive all these health advantages and more.

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