The Healing Sensation: Kicking Stress to the Curb

Relaxation. It’s a lovely word, isn’t it? But stress? Not so appealing. 

Truth be told, relaxation sounds more like a prize than ever before. We feel we have to earn it by putting up with the busyness of our everyday lives which can include anything from health repairs to car repairs to house repairs to kid repairs. 

I’m here to tell you that my job (the job of any wellness practitioner) is to help take away as much of that stress as possible, wherever it happens to manifest itself in your body. Did you know that a facial massage activates your sympathetic nerve system and reduces anxiety and stress? Our faces have many pressure points, and massage stimulates as well as improves your glow and blood circulation. 

Rocking is among the most soothing treatments I offer. What is it? I place my hands hands toward the center of your body and literally rock you back and forth. My clients ask me for it each time I do a light massage.

Not only does it feel heavenly, but a scalp massage does more than relieve stress. We tend to hold a lot of stress between our heads and shoulders, including within the jaw and behind the ears. Aside from relieving headaches, regular scalp massage has the potential to improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Cupping has been around since ancient times and is also a form of massage therapy. Using varying sizes of suction cups, it decompresses soft tissues using vacuum suction, unlike other forms of massage that compress soft tissues. During cupping, the cup gently sucks to your skin and lifts underlying soft tissue into the cup. Cupping is very relaxing and generally not painful.

A luscious mineral soak and foot massage with the scents and feel of Asia will stimulate all the pressure points and activate your energy while at the same time calming and soothing your body.

Acupressure massage is an Asian healing modality consisting of stretching and finger-pressure technique that utilizes traditional acupuncture points, while reflexology involves stimulation of the reflex points on the feet and/or hands to help promote balance in the body.

Many of my clients swear by my cranial-sacral treatments — a gentle therapy that improves physical, mental, and emotional health by freeing restrictions of movement in the cranial-sacral bones.

Whether you want to indulge in one, several, or all of these, we offer spa packages that promise to relieve some of that stress. Because life is too short not to feel good (and relaxed!) as often as possible.

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