The Truth about Acne from Your Folsom, CA Acne and Skin Care Clinic

In a city like Folsom where temperatures can be extremely hot for much of the year and sweating is very common. As a result, a lot of people fear developing acne on their faces due to sweating so they opt to take a shower immediately after working out or after sweating intensely due to the heat. The truth of the matter is sweating does not cause acne, but it can increase the chances of making a preexisting acne condition worse.  


Sweat causing acne is only one of the many myths about acne that need debunking. Otherwise, these myths may lead to wrong practices that may do more harm than good to people with acne. In an article for, the author debunks some of the old misconceptions about acne. If people with acne know the truth about their condition, they can get proper treatment and prevent scarring.

One particular myth the author discusses is the misconception that only teenagers develop acne. It is a known fact that acne results from the activation of the oil (sebaceous) gland during puberty, which happens to teenagers. This, however, does not exclude adults from having the same condition. Adults experiencing change in hormone levels, such as women in the menopausal stage, may experience pimples and breakouts. The same can happen to adults taking certain medications, such as lithium, antiseizure drugs, and corticosteroids.

Another misconception is that acne will disappear when you let it run its course. Such a myth may have originated from the treatment of chickenpox, which typically involves allowing the virus to run its course and not popping the blisters. Acne, however, is not caused by virus so there’s no virus to “run its course” and disappear. Acne has to be treated at an acne and skin care clinic in Folsom, CA before it grows to a size big or deep enough to avoid scarring.

There are other myths that worsen acne instead of treating it. By seeking tips from Folsom, CA skin care specialists, one can prevent or treat existing acne safely and quickly. Skin specialists and dermatologists recommend washing the affected area regularly but not too often. Applying antioxidant-containing acne treatment products following a prescription may also help. Registered skin care specialists may also suggest other more effective treatments for acne.

To effectively treat acne, turn to professional skin care clinics like The Healing Station. A person who isn’t familiar with proper acne remedies should leave its treatment to professionals. Experimenting using random treatment methods may only aggravate the acne.

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(Source: Tanning Clears Up Your Skin and Other Acne Myths Debunked,


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