When Pampering Means a Host of Luxurious Treatments

Many of The Healing Station’s clients come to us for something specific — a massage, a facial, or any of a number of other services we offer. But sometimes “healing” can mean being pampered in a variety of ways all in one visit.  Sound interesting?

The answer: spa “packages.” After one of these sessions, clients swear that by the time they rise up from the treatment table, they literally feel like a new person. So let’s look at two such packages for you to consider (and look forward to!) for your next visit.

The 2.5 hour Revitalizing Package starts with a special facial that exfoliates with peeling cream. It includes a gentle facial massage, regenerating the skin with plant based creams and oils. Then you are treated to a rejuvenating mask to offer a more dewy, youthful look. All of the products are personalized and carefully chosen for your special skin needs. 

What’s up next? Release your cares with 75 minutes of luxurious full body Swedish Massage. Finishing up the experience with a professional brow design and waxing. you’ll literally be floating by now.

By far, our most popular package, however, is called Healing & Relaxing — a three-hour cathartic journey that means the most complete pampering ever. First off, when your feet feel wonderful, you feel wonderful. So Connie begins with a healing salts and essential oils foot treatment, gently massaging your feet until you near Nirvana. Then she designs a facial cleansing, exfoliation and healing mask to suit your personal skin needs. Next, she frames your eyes with a brow wax design. Then the massaging begins. After your neck and shoulder massage, you will be even closer to heaven as you experienced our 75 minute whole body Swedish massage, when you are kneaded into bliss.

What do our regular clients say about these packages? “There is something magical about sliding onto Connie’s treatment table knowing I will be treated to so many luxuries,” says one who has frequented The Healing Station for more than a decade. “Lovely, relaxing music plays in the background and it’s as if I’m entering another world. Essential oil aromas swirl around me as I breathe in their healing powers. And Connie’s gentle-to-firm touch, whether applying masques on my face, pampering my feet, expertly sculpting my brows, or ending with a full body massage, is simply an unparalleled experience. I recommend taking advantage of one of these incredible packages or offering one as to a loved one as the ultimate gift.”

For more information about these as well as other packages, go here, or call us at (916) 294-9980.


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