With so many spas to choose from, what makes The Healing Station so different?

Let’s face it: you have a number of establishments from which to choose when selecting a spa home – that place you look forward to going to be soothed, pampered, and walk out relaxed and refreshed.  Aside from The Healing Station being a small, tucked-away piece of heaven in a whisper-quiet business park, though, why do our clients make us a regular part of their beauty and wellness routines?  We’ll name just a few reasons…

We’re here for YOU! 

Have you ever entered a spa where the practitioners value one another just as much as the clients they serve?  The Healing Station is one of those unique places.  For us, serving you isn’t just a job  — it’s a passion that makes us thrive, making all of us look forward to your visit.  Offering the highest quality care by using our finely-tuned skills, we treat each and every one of you like a treasured family member, making no single session a one-size-fits all proposition.   Just as you’d want to be respected, listened to, and treated with the best possible care by your physician, we continuously looks for ways to make you feel valued. That’s why our therapists are willing to work collaboratively to offer you the best treatments or combination of treatments, ultimately customizing your sessions.  In other words, our therapists work with — instead of on — their clients.

No back-of-the-room sales pitches …

 Ever experience therapists trying to sell you something at the end of your session? Not here.  We care more about how you feel after your treatment, hoping we’ve turned you into a raving fan rather than hitting you in the face with a product you may or may not need.  The only thing we will ask you is how you feel after your visit with us.

No disappearing acts …

Do you ever wonder where, at other spas, your therapist vanished to in the middle of a session?  Our therapists are committed to being fully present for the entire session, bringing their full-hearted, meditative presence to the table.

Going the extra mile …

Do you have a skin condition, a particularly bothersome shoulder, or a concern about some other body or beauty issue?  The Healing Station therapists are adept at evaluating your needs and offering suggestions that may help in between sessions — suggestions such as encouraging a greater water intake, isolated stretching for a particular muscle, yoga to help loosen connective tissues, foam rollers to break down sore muscles and regimes you can use at home for corrective skin care.   You see, we know you budget your health and beauty dollars in order to visit our facility and we want you to get the most you possible can out of your Healing Station experience.

Folsom’s The Healing Station believes living life to its fullest is just as much about feeling good and looking great along the way.

With a long history of sales and customer service in a number of industries, owner Connie Chan carries with her a penchant to go above and beyond in serving her Healing Station clients.  Her massage practice combines her study of Feng Shui, crystals, and aromatherapy to provide her patrons a tranquil environment in which to reawaken their bodies’ ability to heal. Modalities include a variety of stone therapies, cranial sacral, reflexology, Swedish, acupressure, Asian foot treatments, deep tissue, polarity, sacred belly and Reiki.

Chan now offers a menu of amazing facials, and also offers makeup applications, body wraps and scrubs.   She is passionate about offering her clients the finest in skin care technology using natural treatments and non-invasive techniques. Her delicate touch, excellent extraction skills and extensive skin care knowledge enable her to deliver an unequalled spa experience. All treatments are customized to the needs of each client, explaining Chan’s loyal following.    “I make people feel comfortable and I gear my treatments to each client’s stress levels,” says Chan, who sees her efforts rewarded by being able to claim a loyal clientele.



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